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J o R o c k

Save Our World Photography courtesy  of Diva Productions.Hair and makeup

We're in trouble. The opioid drug and alcohol crisis has just gone too far.

Sex trafficking and the kidnapping of women and  children simply has to end.


After all, It is in our hands to do so. We can make a difference.

I lost a relative due to drugs.

What about you?

Please visit

and make real positive change. Thank You.


When you listen to "Save Our World" think about those we have unfortunately already lost and those we don't ever want to lose to this dangerous

worldwide epidemic.



Save Our World

 "JOBEL STAR" is a high energy classic show tribute to the King of Pop performing the biggest hits of
Michael Jackson and the jackson 5! This Tribute show includes a spotlight 
showcasing 3 of Jobel's original Spotify hits 1."SAID  I'M BACK", 2."SAVE OUR WORLD", and 3."YOU CAN'T HURT ME NO MORE".Release date June 26,2019 his mother Kathryn Bell's B'Day.
Jobel Star stands  out from other tribute artists because of his unique voice. He hits the notes "live" every night with no pre recorded vocals  adding a classic bonus  singing and playing at the piano! AN extra bonus is featuring 1 surprise hit song from the 80's i.e. PRINCE,Debarge,etc!
 Full CD  "Jobel Star "A Classic Tribute"