Story Title

J o R o c k

"I want to help return love back to the world."

Save Our World Photography courtesy  of Diva Productions.Hair and makeup

I have PURPOSE and I can make your Soul Sing 

He's Just Another Part Of Me

"I'm not precisely Michael,

I'm precisely JOBEL."


Joseph Bell,Jr.

Joseph Bell Redding H. Starr



 "JOBEL STAR" is a high energy classic show tribute to the King of Pop performing the biggest hits of
Michael Jackson and the jackson 5! This Tribute show includes a spotlight 
showcasing 3 of Jobel's original Spotify hits 1."SAID  I'M BACK", 2."SAVE OUR WORLD", and 3."YOU CAN'T HURT ME NO MORE".Release date June 26,2019 his mother Kathryn Bell's B'Day.
Jobel Star stands  out from other tribute artists because of his unique voice. He hits the notes "live" every night with no pre recorded vocals  adding a classic bonus  singing and playing at the piano! AN extra bonus is featuring 1 surprise hit song from the 80's i.e. PRINCE,Debarge,etc!
 Full CD  "Jobel Star "A Classic Tribute" 

I've Always been the Man In The Mirror

You see that energy in the the picture Save Our World Infinity? Well I believe that energy is
somehow Michael, is somehow you and absolutely  is somehow  ME. Joseph.
Jobel Star
Something has to be up with this.
I hop e he left something for me to
read or know about.
One day I will know.


I used to sing with him at Walt Disney World "Footloose!"

Used to crack me up laughing!. I was their token MJ. They never told me! This was when Michael's movie at Epcot Center was there. I sang at the  Top Of The World Entertainment and Tomorrowland Terrace with a live orchestra  and band. I sang "Unforgettable" with Nat King Cole on the screen behind me. Quite an experience and revelation now.My,that was a "low" vocal for me to sing!

I met my first love there "Michele"

at a popsicle stand.

The  old street band I played with set me up with her. One of the old keyboardists actually used to play for NAT himself.



Here are some of my certificates

If it was not for my studying the Holy Bible, going to to Sunday School as a child, singing and shouting pretending to be the preacher with my cousins playing church as if we were the church( St. Paul's Baptist Church in Hartford,Conn.), I would have never evolved to discover what I now know today which surprisingly adheres to the very true nature of that first Bible I traded with my brother for my toy gun.True story.
remember asking God to prove himself and sit right down next me. And when he did not do that, i concluded that
there was nothing wrong with GOD...but there might be something missing from what was said about GOD for a GOD that I new of would never allow my Grandmother to suffer and for my relatives to be unhappy.
There was something else not taught to me.That's when I got serious about The Truth for my Father,GOD would want me to know THE ANSWERS.

Preserving the true spiritual mature of man is very important to me. No matter what we believe, there is always love inside of you.

Jobel Star

Hero is another true artist... a great spirit who I met at a Trump Rally in Atlanta. I plan on getting him and his friends off of psychedelic drugs with the Purification Rundown "Clear Body, Clear Mind" by LRH which totally eliminates nearly every poison the body has experienced including radiation once and for all. I know it works since I have done it 3 times.

People on any kind of drug have a lower chance of stopping drug abuse with the residue still  in their system. Once it is gone the I.Q. and all senses increase tremendously and allows the person,the spirit, to be in control again.

We chanted the lyrics to "Save Our World Infinity" to Dems and the Dems really chilled out with no more anger seeing that we ALL live on the same planet and can understand each other. One love.

Have you noticed that anyone that tries to help mankind gets attacked? Michael loved The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan such as I have for many years before he announced The Supreme Technology to our people. All Praises to Allah. I mean that.
The NOI protected Michael and he will never forget that.Never.
I was one of the first to announce to Mosque #15 and to Morehouse College in Atlanta the true history of Psychiatry and the Truth about Scientology to help our black people reach higher levels where we need to return to as a great people.
As we awaken from the evil lies spread by wicked ones who pretend to be our friends, a much brighter future  is here for us with total understanding and application of LRH Technology which honestly guarantees the goals of MLK,Malcom X, Farrakhan and higher levels of Love from trustworthy ethical organized religions  including Jewish,Christian,Catholics,Hebrew,Buddhists,Islam, Atheists, Higher Consciousness,all Divine Order is imminent. There Will Be Peace On Earth.
Trust Me.
All superstition removed.
The criminal can be sane and we will make it through as long as we can  stay true to who we really are inside.
What is Self? Well ,
There's More To This Mystery.
Listen to my lyrics and enjoy the adventure.