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      Singer  -Songwriter -Producer

J o s e p h  B e l l

In 1983 I was on t.v in Atlanta,GA doing the "Thriller" dance. at Northside School of the Arts.. in dance classes with "Heather Hayes" and "Travis Payne." 1985 I was the token Michael Jackson for Walt Disney World,Fla. In 1987 I performed "Another Part of Me" at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. I was briefly in an all male group put together by "Frank Gatson" who was the first person that ever tried to talk some sense into me believing I could be the next Michael. I was like "Yeah Right!"  I was rather hard headed at the time.

In 2004 I was asked to write

and record songs to try and place on Michael Jackson's New upcoming CD right  after the final court cases. Soon after, in 2007 I joined "Who's Bad - The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band" while MJ was still alive then did my best token him ALIVE tributing him for the next 10 years which started with 

performing  on FOX BUSINESS NEWS,China Tour,Europe,Canada,Mexico,and The Philippines and just about every city in the USA. we even met the Great Aretha Franklin singing for the Bush's in Texas.Btw, I didn't expect to be a Tribute Artist.I guess GOD had plans for me. But overall, I really am an all the way "LIVE" Singer/Dancer/ Songwriter/ Entertainer that writes songs that tell the TRUTH and some of these

songs on this CD "THE FORCE"  were written for Michael to sing.  HE was supposed to sing them...And so,now,

I sing these songs For Him.

I just wanted to Bring Michael BACK! ...Keep him  ALIVE, in spirit somehow. So I sing "SAID I'M BACK"

It is just my interpretation  of what he might say if he was alive today.

Am I Michael Jackson? Almost every fan wishes to be Michael and I'm certainly a fan.But I sure as hell have a blast thinking  that I AM!

Just like the rest of you Michael Fans!!! LOL

We do have some similarities. For example, I used to like Danny Keogh's wife

when we were in a band. She's very pretty in person.  So I understand  you Michael. 

Then I meet the Lovely "Lynda Parrish" while on tour getting my hair did by the King Of Pop's 

latest Hairdresser in Atlanta.  Who knew?

So,such is my life. I've been Tributing just being me nearly all my life.


He's Just "Another Part OF Me"


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